Fire Mountain

Fire Mountain is a rock band from Alabama. On this site you will find our music and videos.


Calling upon their Troy, Alabama roots, Fire Mountain combines folk and Southern rock to create something rich and complex while still maintaining a simplicity that is familiar to everyone. As competent wordsmiths, Fire Mountain lyrically translates the human experience with its struggles and triumphs as well as its love and loss into songs people can relate to. As Americaning Review so aptly wrote, “In a country full of distractions, this band has quietly built a repertoire of songs that people from all walks of life can enjoy simply because they live in a city full of no distractions.” City or town, small or large, rural or urban, it doesn’t matter, these are all common events shared by everyone and Fire Mountain skillfully captures these experiences because they too are everyman.

Since the release of Of The Dust, the band has been busy preforming at venues throughout the Southeast and writing new songs for their upcoming album. In October, Fire Mountain recorded a session with the popular music website Daytrotter.

Formed in the fall of 2009 in Troy, Alabama, Fire Mountain boasts a tremendously talented lineup. Founding member, Perry Brown, has been writing and recording music for nearly a decade and has been involved in many bands and musical projects. Perry is the main songwriter, lead vocalist, and rhythm guitar player for Fire Mountain. Joining Perry and rounding out the band are his skilled bandmates: Adam Vinson on percussion, Walter Black on bass guitar, Ryan Richburg on electric guitar, and Bryan Segraves on the keys.

2014 is looking to be a big year for Fire Mountain. They have just completed tracking on their new full-length album, "All Dies Down" and were recently named by Paste Magazine as one of the "12 Alabama Bands You Need to Know Now."


Fire Mountain is:
Perry Brown: Guitar, Vox
Adam Vinson: Drums, Vox
Ryan RIchburg: Guitar
Walter Black: Bass
Bryan Segraves: Piano, Vox



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