Fire Mountain

Fire Mountain is a rock band from Alabama. On this site you will find our music and videos.


Effortlessly alternating between Southern slow-burners and folk-rock jams, Fire Mountain’s first full-length album, All Dies Down (This is American Music), propels the band into the forefront of Southern indie rock and roll music. Taking a massive step forward from the band’s 2011 EP, Of The Dust. Lead singer/songwriter Perry Brown’s complex, heartfelt songs have led to this proud Troy, Alabama band making quite a name for themselves. Since their formation in 2009, Fire Mountain has recorded a Daytrotter session, was named by Paste Magazine as one of the “12 Alabama Bands You Need To Know Now [in 2013]”, and has relentlessly toured throughout the Southeast. 

Recorded and produced at the expert hands of Les Nuby (Verbena, Vulture Whale) at Birmingham’s Ol Elegante studios, these are songs that take a page out of a chapter in anyone’s life. Time and again, Brown is able to express the human journey of love, life, and faith through his poignant, scalpel-like lyrics. Those words are buoyed up by the bands sonic sculptors—Adam Vinson on percussion, Walter Black on bass guitar, Ryan Richburg on electric guitar, and Bryan Segraves on the keys. 

“We tend to write a lot about life changes,” says Brown. “Our previous albums have been about changes and All Dies Down is no different. This album focuses mostly on the shift that occurs when you start to settle down in life and have to learn to get over yourself in order to live with another person.” 

Fire Mountain continues to improve on an already outstanding sound with All Dies Down. With growing acclaim and an aggressive ambition, the band is poised to be the next standout in the ever-fertile musical soil of Alabama. 


Fire Mountain is:
Perry Brown: Guitar, Vox
Adam Vinson: Drums, Vox
Ryan RIchburg: Guitar
Walter Black: Bass
Bryan Segraves: Piano, Vox


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